Volunteer Overview


Register by April if you can! The sooner you can sign up, the better organized we can be.

● Please register online so that we have your contact information and you can receive Prouty info and updates prior to the event (including a parking pass for those working onsite Saturday, July 8 – emailed in early July).

● If you are assigned to a job by an Area Captain or Organizer, or know you will be, please indicate that you “have been/expect to be contacted” on the registration form and only indicate other job interests if you are seeking an additional assignment.

● We encourage you to sign up for more than one shift if you’re able (many participants also volunteer before or after their event!). The Prouty™ needs some helping hands the week before and a few days after the event during weekday hours. Go to Help Wantedon the menu to the left–to see examples of common Prouty jobs.

● If you’re having difficulty registering online please call 1-800-226-8744, M-F from 8:30 am-5:00 pm, or leave a message with your name and number and time of day you are available at that number.

● In order to volunteer independently, children must be age 14 or older and assignments will depend on the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator. Younger volunteers must be accompanied by an adult and be able to work responsibly alongside the adult so that they don’t need the full attention of the adult.

Most Prouty jobs are physical and may take place outside, please dress in comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather (rain gear, if necessary) and suitable footwear (NO flip-flops!). For outdoor positions – please remember to be SUN SAFE (sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats) and please help us stay “green” by bringing your own reusable water bottle.

● On the day of The Prouty, if there is anything you are uncomfortable or unhappy with, please do let us know. Talk to your supervisor. If they’re not available, come to the Volunteer Tent or call the Prouty helpline at (800) 226-8744.

● Survivors who are volunteers are welcome to a Prouty Volunteer Survivor button, available at the volunteer tent.

● Volunteers are expected to work hard and be responsible but ALSO to have fun! There is a wonderfully positive atmosphere at The Prouty and we want you to feel a part of it. You are welcome to attend the pasta dinner if you volunteer on Friday, July 7. Refreshments at the event are available if you volunteer on Saturday, July 8. Your volunteer T-shirt will gain clearence into the food tent – any additional guests are asked to donate a minimum of $5.