Riding Etiquette

The Prouty™ is not a race so there is no reason to compromise your safety, the safety of other participants, or motorists. While you are enjoying your ride please be mindful of the “rules of the road.” We want you to enjoy your Prouty experience and come back again and again to help fight cancer!

PASS CYCLISTS ON THE LEFT: When passing a rider, call out “ON YOUR LEFT and ALWAYS pass on the left. Never attempt to pass on the right!

OBEY ALL POSTED TRAFFIC SIGNS: Contrary to popular belief, The Prouty™ does not file for a Competitive Race Permit. As a result, all riders must obey traffic signs and signals – it’s the law!

RIDE SINGLE FILE TO THE FAR RIGHT: “Persons riding two or more abreast shall not impede the normal and reasonable flow of automobile traffic.” (NH. Law RSA265:144V)

Limit pace line drafting to (10) riders, this allows motorists the ability to safely pass.

BE VISIBLE & WEAR A HELMET: NH state law requires a headlight and red reflector when riding before sunrise. Additionally, helmets are REQUIRED!

FOLLOW DESIGNATED PROUTY ROUTES: Besides not having roadside assistance and signage, riders unknowingly can cause two-way bike traffic on roadways which may not be able to support it safely.

KEEP BIKE LANE CLEAR: If stopping roadside is absolutely necessary, quickly move completely off the roadway. Don’t force riders into the travel lane of motorists.

DRAFTING: If you’re not familiar with proper drafting techniques don’t attempt to join a group for the first time at The Prouty™. Performed incorrectly, drafting can be dangerous and should be executed by experienced riders only.

BE PREPARED TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER CYCLISTS: Basic riding courtesies apply during The Prouty™. Plan to inform other riders of the following:

  • Use hand signals and voice commands when turning, slowing or stopping.
  • Point at and call out any road hazards: potholes, glass, rail road crossings, etc.
  • When passing a rider, on their left, call out “On your left”; do not pass on the right!
  • Give a loud verbal caution to other riders when a car is approaching from the rear by yelling “Car Back” or “Car Up” when a vehicle is ahead. 

CYCLING EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: New to group riding or just interested in educational resources to improve your riding technique, then following links are for you!

Share the Road Safely (Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition PDF)

Don’t be a Road Warrior!  (N.H. DOT. PDF)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips for Adults (YouTube)

League of American Bicyclists (Education & Advocacy)