Everyone who raises money earns points that can be redeemed for ProutyGear.  If you are an Ultimate rider, your minimum is $2,500 and you are guaranteed 5 points (each point is worth $500).  If you are an Ulti-‘mate’ rider, your minimum is $1,850 and you are guaranteed 3 points.  Any money you raise over your minimum and have in your personal headquarters by the day of the event you are able to ‘spend’ at the ProutyGear corner of the Richmond Middle School. Or if no dollars are raised you are still eligible for ProutyGear equal to the value of your minimum–since your minimum has been guaranteed with a credit card.

If you choose to take a bike jersey, your point total will be diminished by 2 points. To learn all about ProutyGear go here.


 2016 Prouty Cycling Jersey & Ultimate Cycling Jersey check back here in April to see the 2017 jerseys.