Prouty Teams

Being a part of a team is a fun and meaningful way to participate in The Prouty™. TEAMS can make a great experience even better! Being on a team energizes and motivates the members to do more and give more. TEAMS often do so much to inspire and support cancer patients and survivors.

Anyone can JOIN A TEAM but EACH team member must:

Register as an individual or family

Select “Join a team” when registering

Select the name of the team from the drop-down list

Choose your own event – Golf, Rowing, Ultimate, Cycling, Walking or Virtual

Meet your own fundraising minimum in time to participate on July 8


It couldn’t be easier to start your Prouty team! You can use any reason you like as the basis of your team–from honoring a cancer survivor to simply motivating and inspiring yourself and others to contribute to a worthy cause.

Remember: Although you’re part of the same team, teammates can participate in different events and have different minimums. You and your teammates share the same reason for participating and regardless of which event you do, you’re all working together for the same cause–to find a cure for cancer.

  • You can join a team or start a team when you register. **Know that the first person to start a team will be designated as the captain of that team.
  • Teams range in size from 5 to 250 participants.


• Bring people together for a common purpose . . . i.e. to honor a dear friend or family member

• Train together

• Fundraise together

• Build Prouty spirit together

• Celebrate together

And through it all, TEAM members support one another and develop incredible camaraderie. To read about one of the  Greek Letter Organization teams, Theta Delta Chi, that consistently raises an average of $27,000 each year–go here.