Golfers Parking & Directions

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Saturday Golf Parking:golf

Hanover Country Club
5 Hilton Field Rd
Hanover, NH 03755
The Hanover Country Club (HCC) can generally accommodate the parking needs of most club tournaments and special events at its facility. In the event that the parking lot becomes full, please do not attempt to park in areas designated as NO Parking along Occum Road! Parking roadside in this manner will compromise the safety for the estimated 900 Prouty Walkers who navigate around Occum Pond. The Prouty has made arrangements for overflow parking a short distance away at the Dartmouth Medical School/Dick’s House parking lot. There is shuttle service from this parking lot; please don’t be afraid to use it.

Once you’ve completed your round of golf please plan to join the Prouty celebration for a great lunch and live entertainment at the Richmond Middle School or enjoy the lunch provided at the country club . . . you’ve earned it!  The shuttle vans travel from the Country Club, to the Dartmouth Medical School/Dick’s House parking lot, to the Prouty venue throughout the day. Additionally, you can always call the volunteer drivers directly; their cell phone numbers will be posted on the parking lot sandwich board sign.