Safety Etiquette – Cycling

Safe cycling is no accident. For your part, riders are expected to ride in a safe, responsible, and respectful manner. Aside from the group start at 7:00am for the new Hybrid Metric Century, we ask riders to depart the venue before 8:00am (77, 100-mile) or after 8:00am (20, 35, and 50-mile) to help lessen the possibility of rider congestion during the initial stages of the ride. Start time aside, all riders should be mindful of returning to the Richmond Middle School by 4pm.

Please take note:

  • Helmets: Helmets are REQUIRED, this is not optional!
  • Headphones: Never wear headphones! To do so would be to compromise the safety of yourself and others!


  • River Road in Lyme: there will be no cyclists of any sort on River Road in Lyme due to road washout. There will be barricades to prevent entry.
  • Resurfacing of Haverhill’s River Road: it has been completed and it’s gorgeous!
  • Route 5 south of Wells River to Bradford: it has been resurfaced, and that, too, is gorgeous
  • The Bradford/Piermont Bridge: it is now and will be open for riding on July 8, but please use caution on the decking. As we said last week, signs referring to bridge construction are talking about a different bridge (Route 25B over the Waits River is closed)!
  • Lyme, NH Four-way Stop: Lyme, NH, will again have a four-way stop in effect at the intersection of Rte. 10 and East Thetford Road. All riders must be prepared to stop.
  • Fairlee, VT: The quarter-mile section of the “Fairlee Ledges” will again be a “NO PASSING ZONE” for automobiles and cyclists. Once you have cleared the coned section please allow automobiles to pass

mechanicsRoving Support Vehicles & Bike SAG Techs: Ensure your success while participating in The Prouty™ by having your bicycle in the best mechanical condition possible. While there are Prouty roving vehicles, chances are you will have to wait. Plan to carry spare tubes with you in case you have a flat tire . . . even if you’ve never changed a tire yourself. You can be sure that a willing participant will stop to help you get back on the road, as long as you have a spare tube!

Prouty roving vehicles are assigned to all segments of the bike route and are capable of rendering basic medical and bike repair assistance. All roving vehicles display large Prouty magnetic door signs and/or flags. In the event of a mechanical bike failure, expect to be transported to the nearest bike SAG where local area bike shops are stationed. But please keep in mind that bike techs are there to assist participants with true mechanical needs and simply do not have time to do a complete tune-up for you on the day of the event!  Please see  “Bike Shop Specials” under “Cycling” to learn more about the many area bike shops that offer tune-up specials in advance of the event.

Questions While on Route: Call the Prouty Incident Command Center at (603) 646-1593  . . . the same number that is on your event bike plate.

Reporting Medical Emergencies: Dial 911 directly without delay. Make yourself visible helping to detour bicycles and or vehicle traffic as needed. If you choose to render first aid, do so only to the extent of your training. When appropriate, call the Prouty Incident Command Center at (603) 646-1593 with the participant’s bike plate number and nature of incident.

Medical Support: EMTs are stationed at each bike SAG and have direct communication capabilities with Emergency Services or the Prouty Incident Command Center. While at the Prouty venue, medical personnel are available at the Prouty medical tent. As needed, please plan to bring needed medication to include aspirin or ibuprofen.

Riding Etiquette

The Prouty is not a race so there is no reason to compromise your safety or the safety of other participants or motorists. While you are enjoying your ride please be mindful of the “rules of the road.” We want you to enjoy your Prouty experience and come back again and again to help fight cancer! Here’s a printable version to pass along to friends and family cyclists.

PASS CYCLISTS ON THE LEFT: When passing a rider, call out “ON YOUR LEFT” and ALWAYS pass on the left. Never attempt to pass on the right!etiquette1

OBEY ALL POSTED TRAFFIC SIGNS: The Prouty™ does not file for a Competitive Race Permit; as a result, riders must obey traffic signs and signals – it’s the law!

IN TRAFFIC RIDE SINGLE FILE TO THE FAR RIGHT: “Persons riding two or more abreast shall not impede the normal and reasonable flow of automobile traffic.” (NH. Law RSA265:144V)

ALLOW CARS TO PASS: NO MORE THAN (10) RIDERS PER GROUP and limit pace line drafting
to (10) riders, this allows motorists the ability to safely pass.etiquette2

BE VISIBLE & WEAR A HELMET: NH state law requires a headlight and red reflector when riding before sunrise.

FOLLOW DESIGNATED PROUTY ROUTES: Besides not having roadside assistance and signage, riders unknowingly can cause two-way bike traffic on roadways, which may cause safety issues.

KEEP BIKE LANE CLEAR: If stopping roadside is necessary, quickly move completely off the roadway. Don’t force riders into the travel lane of motorists.

DRAFTING: If you’re not familiar with proper drafting techniques don’t attempt to join a group for the first time at The Prouty. Performed incorrectly, drafting can be dangerous and should be performed by experienced riders only.

BE PREPARED TO COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER CYCLISTS: etiquette4Basic riding courtesies apply during The Prouty. Plan to inform other riders of the following:

  • Use hand signals and voice commands when turning, slowing or stopping.
  • Point and call out road hazards: Potholes, glass, rail road crossings, etc.
  • When passing a rider, on their left, call out “On your left”; do not pass on the right!
  • Give a loud verbal caution to other riders when a car is approaching from the  rear by yelling “Car Back” or “Car Up” when a vehicle is ahead.


  • Wear a Helmet: A Prouty and state law requirement for kids.etiquette5
  • Be Predictable: Ride in a straight line with no sudden stopping.
  • Ride to the Right: Stay to the far right, allowing others to pass.
  • Passing Kids: Never assume that kids see or hear you.
  • Tag-a-long Bike Trailers . . .
    • Don’t overload the trailer with multiple kids or a dog;
    • Have the bicycle and trailer tuned up with extra attention given to the brakes;
    • Ride slowly and in control at all times, especially on a downhill descent
    • Cyclists warm up rapidly, kids in trailers – not so much. Dress them appropriately!

CYCLING EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: New to group riding or just interested in educational resources to improve your riding technique, the following links are for you!

Share the Road Safely (Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition PDF)

Don’t be a Road Warrior!  (N.H. DOT. PDF)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
NHTSA Bicycle Safety Tips for Adults (YouTube)

League of American Bicyclists (Education & Advocacy)