Planning Your Ride

Departure Times:

  • Prouty Ultimate: (Mass Start @ 6am / Dartmouth College Green)
  • Prouty Hybrid Metric Century: (Rider Lead Mass Start @ 7am / Prouty Venue)
  • 77 and 100-mile Riders: (Before 8am)
  • 20-, 35-, 50-mile Riders: (After 8am)
  • 4pm Route Closure:  All riders are asked to return by 4pm, after which, all road support concludes 

Hints for a successful – and timely- ride:

  • 77- and 100-mile riders should try to complete their bike plate pick-up on Friday
  • Leave between 6am and 8am on Saturday   

Estimated Ride Time (excluding SAG stops) by mile, in hours:

Pace 20-mile 35-mile 50-mile Hybrid
77-mile 100-mile
14-MPH 1.5 hrs  2.5 hrs 4 hrs  4.5 hrs 6 hrs 7.25 hrs
17-MPH 1.25 hrs 2 hrs  3 hrs 3.75 hrs  5 hrs 6 hrs
20-MPH 1 hr 1.75 hrs  2.5 hrs 3.2 hrs  4 hrs 5 hrs

Cutoff Times & Locations: All riders are expected to return to the Prouty venue by 4pm. Despite good intentions, if a rider has not reached an established checkpoint by the designated cutoff time, expect to be redirected to a shorter, more manageable route. Please plan accordingly and thank you for your cooperation in advance. Late-Day Checkpoints: 50, 77 and 100-Mile Routes

50 – Mile Route  Orford, NH, Rte. 10 @  1pm
77- & 100-Mile Route Orford, NH, Rte. 25A @ 10:30am
100-Mile Route Pike, NH, Brushwood Rd. @ 12:30pm
77- & 100-Mile Route Fairlee, VT, Rte. 5 @  2pm

Prouty volunteers provide SAGs where cyclists can take a break and enjoy nutritious food and beverages. You should be aware; we’ve been told that The Prouty™ is the only cycling event where you can actually gain weight! Our SAG stop volunteers take that as a compliment. Additionally, in some cases SAG stops even provide entertainment for your enjoyment!