2017 Cycling Routes

Cycle the Prouty

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07/06/2017– PLEASE NOTE. Due to adverse weather conditions the 2017 64-mile hybrid metric century route has been canceled for this year. We are able to offer the 35-mile route, once again!

There has been a second redesign of the Prouty cycling routes. The 20-mile route will remain unchanged, but there will be changes to the 35, 50, 77 and 100-mile routes. Prouty event organizers are currently surveying routes for safety and stability. Event maps will be updated at the earliest convenience.  For your information, the redesigned 100 mile route will be identical to the redesigned 77 mile route; they will be the same route.

Please be on the alert for emails from The Prouty with updates or email us at Info@TheProuty.org for all event related questions. If you were planning on doing the 64-mile hybrid metric century, please choose another event distance from the following choices.  You can change your selection in your headquarters, or you can call 800-226-8744 to ask us to change it for you. You will also be able to change it at check-in on Friday and Saturday, July 7 and 8.



Ride with GPS

 20-Mile (07/06/2017) Printable Interactive Map
NEW! 35-Mile(07/06/2017) Printable Interactive Map
NEW! 50-Mile (07/06/2017) Printable Interactive Map
Hybrid Metric Century 64-Mile Canceled
NEW! 77/100-Mile (07/06/2017) Printable Interactive Map