What’s New in 2017

The Byrne Match . . . Better than ever!
For 2017, the Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation has once again shown its incredible support for The Prouty and Norris Cotton Cancer Center. This year’s match will not only match every donation beyond your minimum, it will extend to May 15!

Here’s how it works:
Everything that’s in your headquarters (beyond your minimum) at 11:59pm on Monday, May 15, will be matched, dollar for dollar! (For Ultimate Riders, it’s not your minimum, it’s $500.) Whether it was a $25 donation or a $1,000 donation, the total amount in your headquarters minus your minimum will be matched. So make sure you sign up early and fundraise often!


Exciting news! Norris Cotton Cancer Center has joined forces with Positive Tracks to help young people sweat for good at The Prouty!

Check It Out: If you’re age 23 or under, the Positive Tracks U23 Challenges Program is teed up to help you rock The Prouty – every step of the way. Our staff and tools help youth build teams, raise dollars and awareness, and spread your story far and wide. U23 Challenges Captains are also paired with experienced Positive Tracks Peer Coaches who are fired up to help you keep it fun and easy.

Other Awesomeness: Positive Tracks doubles dollars raised by U23 Challenge Team Captains (up to two captains per team) up to $230! Every youth member who joins a U23 Challenge Team gets their dollars doubled up to $23!

Ready to Roll? Submit your application now: Positive Tracks U23 Challenges. Or, contact Liz Gray at Positive Tracks. She’s psyched to answer questions and help you get started!


New Optional Prouty Hybrid Metric Century – Cycling is moving more and more off-road, so here’s your chance to do a part-gravel, 64-mile (metric century) Prouty ride. Tour some of the best less traveled roads in the area…not for the inexperienced rider, limited on road support. Link to the maps plus descriptions of our new Hybrid the Ultimate new day-one Vermont ride.

New Day-One Ultimate Century Ride – In honor of the 10th Ultimate ride, we’re

“Moo-ving” Day One to start in Hanover (instead of Manchester, NH) and the ride will now be almost exclusively through Vermont (watch for those cows!) Link to the maps plus descriptions of our new Hybrid (a day-two option for Ultimates) and the Ultimate new day-one Vermont ride.


We are pleased to bring back the Prouty 35 mile route! With construction completed, we’re delighted to bring back the Prouty 35 – here’s what it looks like: here

Fundraising Minimums – (Remember, if you’re 19 to 24 years old check-out the new lower fundraising minimum designed with you in mind!)

· Fundraising Minimums

Family $300
Individual Adult $150
Young Adult (19-24) $100
Individual Child (13-18) $50
Individual Kid (0-12) $5
Prouty Ultimate $2,500
Prouty Ulti-‘mate’ $1,850
Prouty Virtual $100
Prouty Golfer (all ages) $150


For detailed information on fundraising minimums, click here.

New ProutyGear incentive for Young Adults and Individual Child categories– If you’re registered as either a Young Adult (19-24 years old) or as an Individual Child (13-18) and you raise at least $250, you are now eligible for a great new ProutyGear item which otherwise is available at the $500 level –Check back in February– here—to see the cool stuff we’re getting at the $250 (Young Adults and Individual Child) or at the $500 levels for other fundraising levels!

The Prouty Ultimate Beach Party Kick-off is on Thursday, March 9, at 5:30pm on the 6th floor Atrium of the Rubin Building. Wear your best beach togs and sunglasses and bask in the warmth of the upcoming 2-day, 200-mile ride. New to the Ultimate? You can win a free spot! Ultimate veterans? You can win a pair of custom-designed wheels from Drummond Custom Cycles. For more info: info@TheProutyUltimate.org.