Prouty Timeline

Audrey Prouty- (1927 – 1982)

1982– Prouty begins! Four nurses cycle 100 miles inspired by Audrey Prouty.

1985– Move the start to Hanover, finish at Storr’s Pond with 40/60/100 mile options.

1986– Route options changed to 25/50/100 miles.

1988– A one day(!) 200-mile cycling route is added.

1990– The one-day 200-mile route is eliminated.

1991– The 10th Annual Prouty raises a record-breaking $63,540!

1992– 5 & 10k residential walk routes through Hanover added.

1993– Start/finish changed to Thompson arena in Hanover.

1996– An 80-mile bike route is added.

1998– Start/finish changed to Dartmouth Medical School campus in Hanover.

1999– 794 participants raise a record-breaking $161,957 (the first time over $100,000!).

2000– Carbo-Loading Party by Lui Lui the Friday night before is added.

2001– First year to have a $150 fundraising minimum (same as it is today!).

2002– Bike routes changed back to 25/50/100 miles. is created, allowing for online fundraising and registration.

2005– Added 5 and 10k wooded walk routes allowing for 15 & 20k combined walk routes.

2006– The 25th Annual Prouty raises $1.2 Million(first time over one million dollars!).

2007– Start/finish changed to the Richmond Middle School, Hanover.

2008– The Prouty Ultimate – 2 day, 200 mile route – started.

2009– The 35 mile bike route is added and the “25 mile” route is renamed “20 mile.”

2011– Row The Prouty – a scull and sweep event on the Connecticut River debuts!

2013– Golf The Prouty debuts! The 77 mile bike route is added.

2014 – The 33rd Prouty raises over $3 Million (first time over $3 million!).

2016 – The 35th Annual Prouty sees the debut of new residential walk routes: 3k, 6k, 9k, and 12k

2017 – The Prouty Ultimate start is moved from Manchester, NH, to Hanover, NH, allowing for a Day One 100 mile route through Vermont! A new, hybrid metric century (64 miles) route is added to The Prouty.