Prouty Perks

ProutyPints 2016 pixProuty Pints ALWAYS Go Like Hot Cakes! 

For a 7th year, Jesse’s Restaurant & Tavern in Hanover, NH, is offering Prouty Pints and yes, according to Jesse’s owner, Marc Milowsky, they always go like hot cakes! Each Prouty Pint sells for $7.00 and that includes the beer and the glass–always with a catchy graphic on it like this year’s CANCER^Still SUCKS!–which can be kept by the guest. The glasses are graciously donated by the brewery so 100% of the $7.00 sale goes to The Prouty™. The Pints will be sold until all the glasses are gone and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Marc estimates that a total contribution of approximately $4,000 will again be made to The Prouty! Cheers!