Earn ProutyGear

The ProutyGear system is like a shopping cart. An individual or family will earn one point for every $500 raised. How do you earn more points? Fundraise! The sooner you start, the more you will raise, and the more you raise the more ‘Gear you get. Below are the 2016 ProutyGear items. Please check back here in February for new items for 2017!

How You Get Your ProutyGear:

ProutyGear is given out at the event after you register/check-in and receive your ProutyGear ticket.

You may take one of each item that you’ve earned at check-in (Fri. 12-8pm or Sat. 6:30-10:30am). From 1-3pm on Sat. you may return to ProutyGear to get any additional items you’ve qualified for if they’re available, or to re-order if they’re not (the colors of the long sleeve shirt and Pacer Jacket are not guaranteed.)