Learn about:

  • FAQs for The Prouty™ – answers everything from where the Prouty venue is, to where checks should be sent, and the protocol for pups at The Prouty.
  • Minimums & Fees – schedule  of all event fundraising minimums and the registration fees for the Prouty Ultimate and Golf The Prouty – plus what registering as a Prouty Family means.
  • Deadline & Schedules  – details about the when, where, and what of your event. (Click on Ways to Prouty on top menu above for event listing.)
  • All 2017 Route Maps – printable and interactive maps for cycling and rowing, printable maps for walking and golf.
  • Prouty SAG (Stop & Go) Planner – know where the SAG (Stop & Go) areas are located so you know where to refill your water bottle or grab a PB & J.
  • Planning Your Ride – suggested departure times, estimate ride time, late-day check points and more.
  • Training – from training manuals to dates for conditioning rides to contact info for training coaches.
  • Safety & Etiquette – it’s not a race— no need to compromise safety. Participants can help everyone stay safe and maintain The Prouty’s reputation as a great experience!
  • Accommodations  listings of inns, hotel, motels and B&Bs in the Hanover area, many offer discounts for Prouty participants.