Where the Money Goes

From Christopher Amos, PhD, Interim Director of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center:

All of us at the Cancer Center are extremely grateful for the ongoing support received from Prouty people across the country. Our Cancer Center researchers, doctors, nurses, and staff, perform key roles in improving health across our region, and our Cancer Center is among the select group that the Nation­al Cancer Institute designates as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, meaning that it has excellence in cancer treatment, research, prevention and education.  

It is our commitment to you that all donations raised through The Prouty™ will be used under my direction to advance cancer research, improve cancer treatment protocols, develop strategies for cancer prevention, provide supportive services for patients with cancer and their families, and facilitate otherwise unfunded endeavors in cancer research, education, and translation of research from science to patients.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center has moved the needle forward in the fight against cancer with your support. Every aspect of research here is made possible, in part, by The Prouty. On these pages, you will see examples of where and how the $3.1 million raised in The Prouty is being spent.


For descriptions of the pie chart allocations above, click here.

For details click on: Research and Patient Services listed on the left hand dropdown. Read more about the research being conducted at Norris Cotton Cancer Center, click here.