The ProutyTM

Welcome to the 36th Annual Prouty benefitting cancer research and patient supportive services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center. With the Prouty Ultimate, Cycling, Walking, Rowing, Golf, the Virtual option, and volunteering, there’s truly a way for everyone to be a part of The Prouty. Join us!

Why The Prouty Matters

The Prouty community comes together every year to fight cancer because they know why it matters. Without research there are no new treatments. View the video above, hear our Prouty Anthem, "I am More," and feel the inspiration, the strength, the joy of the many people coming together to do something about cancer.

Top Fundraisers

$48,195.01 -
Josie Harper
$31,365.13 -
Judy Csatari
$27,560.02 -
Susan Wright
$25,000.00 -
P. Jack Hoopes
$24,335.60 -
Brian Nolan

Top Teams

$142,601.08 -
Friends of Hanover Crew
$141,618.75 -
The DP
$99,543.99 -
Grantham Mountaineers
$98,280.76 -
Team Hoss
$73,857.73 -
Friends of UVRF-Lebanon Crew


Share the camaraderie, fun, and passion of participating in the 36th Prouty-help make a difference in the fight against cancer!

If you would like to learn all the details about an event go to Ways to Prouty on the top menu and use the drop-down to select the event(s) of interest to you. Click here to learn what’s new at the 36th Prouty!

We look forward to seeing you—unless you’re Prouty-ing virtually—on Saturday, July 8, 2017, at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH!